Quit spreading dangerous pathogens and start killing them

Kills & Controls:

  • Decontaminate and remove odour from holding cells with a safe and health canada approved solution

  • Clean entire holding cells in 5 minutes or less

  • Kills and controls common flu to mrsa to ebola

  • Eliminate human error and “missed spots” while cleaning

Vital Oxide is a ground-breaking product that offers Hospital Grade Disinfection without any toxic by-products. It is so effective it kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses yet it is so gentle that it will not irritate the skin. Ideal for cleaning police vehicles and holding cells in less time, with no rinse required.

Experience cleaner and healthier surfaces in less time with vital oxide

Simple to Use

Germs are a fact of life, but by simply spraying surfaces with vital oxide you can kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and do your part to keep inmates and staff healthy. There is no need to wipe or rinse after spraying which saves you time and money.

A Safer Solution

Vital Oxide is enviromentally friendly, and it is food safe compared to bleach and most disinfectants which are poisonous and must include hazard warnings. Vital Oxide has no VOC’s, is fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, non-irritating to skin, Non-Corrosive and no rinse required.


  • Reduces staff and inmate exposure to dangerous pathogens

  • Cosistant and reliable delivery of disinfectant, not achievable through manual cleaning methods

  • Decontaminate even hard to reach surfaces

  • Faster decontamination process requiring less labour

  • Improved general cleanliness of the vehicle and facility

  • Low cost of operation and ownership

  • Safe for sensitive electronic equipment


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