See How Greener Solutions Keeps Kids Healthy During Flu Seasons

Greener Solutions has been approved by HEALTH CANADA & the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

We meet HEALTH CANADA & the EPA's requirements for emerging viral pathogens showing efficacy against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses both large and small.

The New Standard For Infection Prevention

Addressing the challenges of today and the emerging threats of tomorrow

Safer chemicals. Advanced Technologies.

Clinical efficacy of infection prevention programs is not based on equipment alone, but a systematic, standardized approach to infection prevention. With greener solutions end to end system you can;

  • Improve compliance standards

  • Eliminate human error

  • Simplify with safer technology and chemicals

  • Reduce outbreaks and HAI’s

  • Boost worker happiness and success

Advanced Technologies & Streamlined Chemical Disinfection Processes

With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current processes and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterdays cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Cleaning protocols tailored around the Victory Sprayers and Vital Oxide are cost effective, accessible, practical, safe and scalable. We offer simplified processes that can be replicated and scaled.

Serious threats to public health and our nation’s economy.

Little has changed in the infection control industry. Buckets, rags, and wipes are still relied upon at most facilities today, even though they leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. Inconsistent application, worker error, and time constraints further complicate the challenge of keeping facilities clean and sanitary. These challenges become more alarming in the face of increasing threats.

  • Every year, about 8,000 Canadians die from hospital-acquired infections; 220,000 others get infected.

  • Healthcare facilities not meeting HAI targets lose on average $1.3M per year in CMS funding

  • Workplace illnesses cost $200+ billion/year in lost productivity

  • Foodborne Samonella, e coli, and listeria outbreaks happen every week and result in costly recalls

  • Cruise lines continue to face damaging outbreaks of norovirus

  • One norovirus outbreak cost a major university $30000 per day / $400000 a week

Already at work in leading institutions


    Leading Hospitals, non-acute facilities, nursing homes, dental facilities and veterinary clinics use Victory for preventing outbreaks ranging from flu to C-Diff.


    Building service contractors use Victory to provide enhanced disinfection to commercial, Industrial, and institutional facilities.


    Victory is used to sanitize food contact surfaces and equipment in cafeterias, restaurants, grocers and wholesale facilities.


    Victory is used in educational settings from day cares to universities to sanitize all the areas missed with traditional cleaning programs.


    Health clubs & athletic facilities of all types rely on Victory for disinfecting equipment, eliminating odors, and maintaining a healthy environment.


    Cannabis growers use Vital Oxide to eliminate mold & mildew to help promote a healthy, clean growing environment


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